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April 15th, 2022 - BY Admin

RemcosRAT Malware Is Targeting African Banks.

The HP Wolf Security analysts discovered that a growing number of African banks are being targeted by malware distribution operations that use HTML smuggling tactics and typo-squatted names to dump remote access trojans on their computers (RATs).

In Africa, cybercriminals looking to make fast financial gains are a cause of concern for banks, as the attacks on financial institutions are becoming more sophisticated by using a variety of techniques to get beyond the security systems the banks have in place.

What is RemcosRAT?
Remcos is a Remote Access Software that allows you to operate computers from a distance and is designed to work on the Windows OS platform. RemcosRAT is deployed to PC users via spam email, malvertising, and fake updates for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Remcos, creates a backdoor on the computer, allowing the remote user complete access to the machine. This RAT can be used for a variety of reasons, including surveillance and penetration testing, and has even been employed in hacking campaigns in some situations.

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