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May 4th, 2022 - BY Admin

5 Thinks You should Know About Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT).

VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. VAPT is a term that describes security testing designed to identify and also help address cyber security vulnerabilities.

VAPT is an umbrella term that can include several testing techniques like automated vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing conducted by skilled and experienced cyber security personnel.

Why do you need VAP?
The evolving tools, tactics, and procedures used by cybercriminals to breach networks mean that it’s important to regularly test your organization’s systems/applications and infrastructure cyber security.

5 Thinks You should Know About VAPT:

1. VAPT Is a more Comprehensive Testing Solution.

Automated vulnerability assessment is a great start. Penetration testing is also an important security measure. But VAPT brings both of these techniques and others under the same virtual roof to offer companies a more comprehensive view on their security issues. With VAPT, it’s easier to discover and mitigate critical vulnerabilities across platforms and software types, even third-party ones.

2. VAPT Uncovers Misconfigurations and Loopholes in Various Applications.

The number one reason for successful cyber-attacks is human error. Web applications, networks, mobile apps– all of these are written by humans and, thus, prone to errors. This is exactly what attackers are looking to exploit.
Most exploitable vulnerabilities are due to misconfigurations or incorrect coding practices. Both of these things can be present in your own applications or in third-party ones.

3. VAPT Has Excellent ROI

Do you know what happens to the money you invest in cyber security? Probably not. In fact, it’s one of the fields that’s notorious for hard to pinpoint ROI. As long as no attacks happen, you consider it money well invested. And you’re not wrong.
But, thanks to its comprehensive approach, VAPT can tell you exactly how much money you saved by choosing an integrative approach instead of disparate
testing methods, for instance. Or how much, on average, a successful attack might have cost you.

4. VAPT Helps You Prioritize Risks.

Even some of the more risk-aware companies forget about this crucial step. They find and collect vulnerabilities but simply forego risk prioritization – the most important step.
In the current cyber security landscape, where threats are increasingly diverse and sophisticated, risk prioritization is an absolute necessity. Otherwise, you
may end up spending a lot of time on trivial risks, whilethe very severe ones are left unattended. In turn, this exposes your organization to serious threats that could have been easily mitigated.
Risk prioritization is an integral part of VAPT. A good VAPT strategy addresses and emphasizes this step by clearly marking which threats and which risks should
be tackled first.

5. There Is No One-Size-Fits-All in VAPT
Yes, there are numerous tools that can be used for various applications. And yes, the VAPT process has a few core components that will stay the same across
all the assets to be tested.
But all in all, the VAPT process will be different from company to company or system /application to system/application. The approach and duration depend on the size of the company, the amount of data, and the number of devices and assets to be tested and scanned.

Final Thoughts
We understand VAPT is, ironically, one of the last things on managers’ minds. Until the first attack is successful, that is.

For example in Tanzania, nowadays every Bank has developed a mobile phone system/application, Ok internal cyber security has done VAPT but it is good they got people outside their company to do VAPT to find out , if it is stable and compare the reports.

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