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Consulting and Compliance

Prevention is definitely better than cure. Speak to our experts in advance they will point you in the right direction and ensure there is a code of security running throung everything you do.

Our clients receive advice and guidance from a team of experts that between them have untold experience in information assurance. Our team of expers are availabe.

Industry Sectors

1. Retail, Travel & Hospitality

At Dabaga Cyber Solutins we work with numerous clients operating within the retail, travel and hospitality sectors.

We do understanding that our clients operate within what are often large scale supply chains. This is not only means they store and protect senstive data, but they often have to make share this with other areas of business. Impenetrable security is a must particularly when you are holding payment details.

2. Legal & Profession services

As one of the leading cyber security consultancies we are chosen by ou clients because they can trust us to mitigate the risk they face in an uncertain world. We make it our business to stay ahead of the curve we understand the ever changing environment our legal and professional services clients operate in.

We understand that when you operate within this sector, you are a target. With huge amounts of confidential client information it is crucial that you protect your data, your client and your business at large.

3. Insurance & Financial Services

We work with a number of financial service providers, including banks, investment funds, hedge funds and many more financial institutions.

With the increased and concerted cyber attacks focused on this particular sector, we are able to provide all round solutions that provide complete cyber security to our many clients.

With huge amounts of confidential client information it is crucial that you protect your data, your clients and your business at large.

4. Public Sectors

We have experience in providing cyber security services to Government; Local government, central government and Government institutions.