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Managed Cyber Security Services

With an ever-evolving ICT systems, businesses are facing increased and more complex threats to their environments. Attacks are happening at a far greater rate and the damage they poses is immeasurable. From data breaches, to insider threats, to ransomware attacks, the list is endless. As a result, many companies find themselves navigating through little understood waters without the right knowledge at their disposal.

1. Log Management and Monitoring

Todays’s cyber attacks are often so sophisticated that without the proper log file analysis, organisations may not even realize that an attack has taken place. This reality is why Dabaga rely on log files as means of monitoring activity on the IT infrastructure and maintaining awareness of possible security threats.

2. IT Governance and strategy

This is an integral part of enterprise governance it enable organisations to manage their IT risks effectively and ensure that the activities associated with information and technology are aligned with their overall business objectives.

3. Protective Services

Dabaga Cyber solutions we have experts available all the time to respond, act and advice in order to minimize the effects of data security breach or incident.

Our Protective services cover cyber incident response, forenssics and vulnerability scanning.