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Threat and Risk Assessment

In Today’s day and age, a detailed and comprehensive Threat and Risk Assessment is necessary for developing and implementing an effective cyber security program. With more sophisticated crime operations spreading across the world every year, security management needs to keep up and address the risks.

The objective of a Dabaga is to protect against liability through identifying and understanding the risks facing the client and advice appropriate action to manage the risk and reduce the impact of threatening events.

➢ Information Risk Assessment

The effective execution of information risk assesments are the corner stone and the foundation of all information security programmes in all organisations, however they are executed in a multitude of different ways with mixed results. Dabaga operates a number of pragmatic risk assesment methodologies that can be tailored and delivered in an effective manner by our qualified risk assessment specialists. Risk assesment lets organisations analyse business information risk and select the right controls to mitigate the risk.

➢ Cloud Assessment

The cloud assesment helps business reach the right decisions to make the shift to cloud computing a successful experience. At the end of the assesment, business will receive a tailored cloud adoption rooadmap for the target processes and high-level benefits assessment. They will also receive an understanding of how to align their cloud computing strategy with their business strategy, and ensure that the right data ends up in the cloud, and is treated in the right way when it is there.